Tube 200 – Moonlight’s Oscars triumph!

mooonlightAfter waking up to the news that Moonlight had won best picture at the Oscars, it was easy to see how that’d be the focus of my first tube blog.

I believe that the win represents all that is beautiful about embracing diversity and giving the voiceless a platform to tell their stories.

It’s long been known that Hollywood struggles to embrace ‘black’ films because they are a hard sell and people struggle to relate to them. Traditionally movies like Moonlight, Fences and Hidden Figures are seen as risks by traditional studios and the directors of these movies find it difficult to get any funding from the industry for their projects.

Luckily, this year, there were resilient actors, directors, and producers who chose to do away with the old scripts and decided to change the narrative on what films should be made. Their efforts have paid off as all three of the movies mentioned have done well at the box office, and have amassed a ton of awards along the way. Nods from BAFTA, The Golden Globes, SAG, and the Oscars help cement the case for a more open-minded approach in Hollywood.

For me, Moonlight is a story I had never heard before that was told in a very powerful way. It represents the new wave of filmmaking and storytelling that transcends norms and changes perceptions. For that, I truly believe it deserves all the accolades it has received.

Moonlight is the first ultra-low-budget American film to win the Academy Award for Best Picture. What a win for the cast and crew. More like this, please!

moonlight 2.jpg

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