Trying something new – Tube 200

Ever since I started this blog, I’ve always had a burning desire to do something different with it. I entertained the idea of doing a weekly review of some of the major issues of the week and what they meant, however, drafting this proved difficult. Then, I started considering doing weekly interviews with Comms industry professionals who I met through the Taylor Bennett Foundation but I realised that’d be a logistical nightmare.

After much pondering, I decided that I would try to do a short 200-word blog post each day on the first topic that comes to mind when I wake up. The idea for this lies in the hope that if I stick with it, I can be able to map out some of my subconscious interests, what issues worry me the most, and what excites me.

I decided to title this section of my blog as Tube 200, an indication of where I’ll be doing my writing (to any prospective employers, I’m more creative than this).

Why the tube? Well, after 7 weeks of trying to figure out what my tube thing would be, I figured this would be a better alternative to flappy bird as I’ll never break my current high score of 38.

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