Bloggers digest – Some of the PR bloggers I follow

After looking at some of the websites which provide information about the industry, I found myself thinking about some of the individuals whom I follow quite closely. So I have compiled a list of the key PR bloggers I follow and the reasons why you should do the same.

Stephen Waddington –

Stephen is one of the best in the business and it is common knowledge in PR circles that his blog does that claim justice. He is not an everyday blog as it has a mixture of long-form articles and short informal content which is mainly advisory but it also provides industry insights.  I would say that it’s aimed towards everyone: from the PR student to the 10-year industry vet – basically anyone in the PR industry can find something on Stephen’s website.

Personally, I have benefitted a lot from the pieces on the blog and aim to one day write a guest blog piece on for him. Stephen is also a Partner and Chief Engagement Officer at Ketchum which means that he a truly recognised voice of authority in the industry.

Sarah Stimson –

It is obvious that Sarah’s blog is the go-to blog for anyone new to PR. This is because its aim is to help new entrants on their path into the industry through advice and well-curated insights. One thing I love about Sarah’s blog is how easy she makes it to understand what the industry is all about and how to make the most of the opportunities available.

Her blog covers everything from recommendations on starter subjects for blogs to comments on diversity in the industry.  Again, this is another blog which has aided me in my journey so far and would do the same for anyone looking to go into PR.

Heather Yaxley – and PRconversations

When it comes to Heather, I have found the content of her blogs to be thought provoking which is part of the reason I have added her to the list. She focuses on addressing the more educational issues in PR as well as providing insights into career development.

I think her blog is tailored to the more sophisticated thinkers in the industry who are very much like her – at the height of their careers. However, it is still an interesting blog to read wherever you are on your journey as her series of one word titled articles are very insightful.

Richard Bailey –

Richard has a similar style to Heather but leans a bit more towards the formal side. I guess this in part due to his career as an educator. His personal blog provides insights which look at what the industry is about in a concise but thoroughly informative manner. This is another one for PR newbies as well as those looking to explore what other strands of PR they can dabble in. He also writes the occasional review which adds to an overall informative experience.

Richard is also the editor of Behind the Spin, an online magazine for public relations students and young PR practitioners.

Mark Borkowski – Mark my words

Mark’s blog is another one on the easy to read list. This is because he is a very capable blogger who uses his wealth of experience to write thought-provoking articles. He also seems to always find a crafty way to comment on current affairs trends in a tasteful manner, something I aim to achieve for my own writing.

I would say his blog is one of the few I would recommend to anyone in PR looking for some inspiration or just an interesting take on issues dominating the public domain.

Chris Norton –

Chris’ blog represents one of the key facets of blogging I fell in love with when I started considering PR. It covers a wide range of topics which includes crisis management, online PR, social media strategy, and a hint of personal stuff. The content is mainly advisory but he also does comment articles on developments in the industry which includes reviewing recent campaigns.

Overall, as someone who enjoys this blog during my early stages in my PR journey, I would say other like-minded individuals would enjoy it too as the articles are concise.

Sarah Hall – Sarah Hall Consulting

Sarah’s blog offers something a bit different to the other ones I have covered. Her articles are mainly aimed at providing tips and insights into PR for businesses. She does, however, also comment on industry developments within PR.  Overall, the blog provides a glimpse into the sort of information any PR would be looking to provide to their clients, which makes it interesting to look at when you are still in your early PR life. She strongly advocates for PR to be treated as a management discipline.

She has also founded #FuturePRoof and is the President-elect for CIPR UK which means that she is a well-established voice of authority within the industry.

Karan Chadda –

Karan is part of the cohort that advocates for PR to be treated like a management discipline – something that is highlighted by the content of his blogs. He mainly reviews and comments on tech developments but has also addressed topical issues such as diversity in the PR industry.

Overall, I would say that he manages to make his blogs easy to read and informative.

John Brown –

John’s blog is one that I have started to follow more closely quite recently after a piece on dress codes in PR and how that may affect how a career in PR is perceived. His tone is very informal but still manages to drive points quite well which makes his blog easy to follow.

I would recommend this to anyone keen on looking at a different take on key industry issues as well as a different approach to traditional PR processes.

Public Relations (Formerly Richard Leigh) – Radio Active PR

Richard is up there with the more charismatic and daring PRs. It is quite difficult to summarize what Richard does and has done as there is a lot. As the founder of PR Examples, it is quite easy to imagine his level of notoriety in the industry.  His blog mainly focuses on the campaigns his company has worked on as well as some other interesting developments within the industry. It is still very interesting to read and is never short of decent PR campaign reviews.


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