You are what you read – PR websites review

As a PR novice, finding information that will help boost my knowledge is something that I struggled with early on in my research into the industry. My struggle highlighted the ever so popular saying that PR has a PR problem. I did, however, manage to find some interesting websites after very extensive research. I will review some of the best of the ones I have used so far.

PR Week

For me, PR Week is the industry standard in terms of the quality of content on the website as well as how useful it has been. Yes, there are some limitations associated with the website but beyond the paywall is a great collection of quality content. The website is the full monty of PR and covers campaigns, careers advice, information about events, agency news, and general industry news.

It’s very difficult to find a PR related website which can compete as I am sure PR Week is the best by a mile. It’s an easy to use website which caters to all those within the industry.

PR Moment

If navigating pay/registration walls is not your thing but PR is, then PR Moment should be your first website of choice. It provides a great selection of content which ranges from blogs and opinion pieces curated by industry insiders to listings of networking events and awards.

However, being a novice, the best thing about the website is the Good and Bad PR section. This is a section dedicated to reviewing recent campaigns and commenting on whether they were outstanding or worryingly awful.

Overall, the easy to navigate website provides a platform for the best of the industry to share their views and insights on all the happenings in PR. So whether you’re a PR novice or professional seeking inspiration, PR Moment has short and sweet content that will speak to you.

Holmes Report

This is another PR website juggernaut in terms of quality of content and influence within the Industry. The Holmes Report provides a great range of insightful content which caters for all levels of PR professionals.

The content comes in the form of blogs, news articles, podcasts, and videos which allow any user to pick how they want to digest the information available.

I have found this website to be very useful in getting more detailed information about key players in the industry and some of the more technical aspects of PR. Their rank lists, industry reports, and guidelines all add to the overwhelmingly informative experience the website provides.

Overall, I would say this is a great website for when you want to conduct more in-depth research on agencies, key players in communications and industry trends.

PR Careers

This list would be incomplete without a special mention to the website that truly directed my path into PR. After several months of failing to get my foot in the door through an internship of some sort, I stumbled upon/across PR Careers.

This site is dedicated to helping entry-level PR practitioners gain experience in the industry through the carefully curated content which includes blogs, feature articles, industry news, and most importantly the 150 list. The list puts together all the top companies and the potential opportunities available with them which range from internships to fully fledged graduate schemes.

Another key feature of the site is the inspiration tab which has several Q&A articles with industry professionals. These articles detail their path into their current roles and advice they’d give to those starting out in PR.

This is a perfect place to go when you’re still doing early research into the industry and want to get a better idea of the opportunities available.

PR Examples

This is a unique site as it is solely dedicated to highlighting some standout PR campaigns and stunts. I found this very useful when I was looking for examples of some of the innovative approaches that make the industry so successful. It does a great job of separating the campaigns into sectors which make it easier to find exactly what you are interested in without much hassle.

Again, this is another very useful resource for any PR pros looking for some inspiration and a bit of motivation. It does what it says on the tin and encourages a wide range of people to have an input in the content on the site which means that each article is unique in the way it is compiled and written.

The above websites/blogs are my personal top five PR related websites. I based my decision on the quality of content and how useful I found them during my early research into the industry. I continue to use them now that I am starting to gain traction in my journey.

Notable Mentions

Having said that, I would add that these are not the only noteworthy sites out there. So, for me, other notable mentions include PR Conversations, Institute for PR and Communicate Magazine.

PR Conversations provides blog based insights into the PR world. It features articles that comment on the issues affecting the industry which are easy to read and quite interesting. It is another blog aimed at the professionals in the industry.

Institute for PR sits on the other side of the fence as it highlights the more academic side of PR. It prides itself on providing research-based content which seeks to bridge the gap between PR academics and professionals. I found their work on millennials and their views on diversity and inclusion to be very informative and well researched.

Meanwhile, Communicate Magazine is a trade magazine aimed predominantly towards the UK Corporate Comms Community. It has a good mix of content which ranges from opinion pieces to profile features. It’s much like the other sites mentioned above but more focused on the Corporate Comms side of things.


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